Our office is based on family values and a long tradition. We have been able to combine modern dentistry and high standards in all our work and work ethics, putting our patients first

Our office hours are from Monday-Friday from 10-19. We are always available to our patients and we can easily adapt to your schedule to meet you’re needs. All our patients receive reminders for every scheduled appointment, as well as the 6 month free appointment with us via email or SMS.

Our History

The founders of “NOVADENT Dental Office "dr. Radmila Jezdimir and spec dr Zlatko Jezdimir. Both were born in Sarajevo, dedicated to dentistry from the first day they entered dental school, soon after graduating Dental School enrolled in the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sarajevo.

Soon after graduating in 1987, they began their first dental practice in Sarajevo. Soon after in 1991 opened a office in Belgrade.

Their professional development and career continues in Canada where they spent 9 years, acquiring international knowledge, certificates, awards and commendations in Lindberg Homburg MODENT Dental Studio (Toronto, Canada) and TENAX Dental Implant Systems (Collingwood, Canada).

They have been in the field od Dental Implants since 2003, attending specialization and compleated courses and workshops in the field of facial mesotherapy, Botox and Dermal Fillers, NOVADENT clinic offers a number of services to their patients in one place.

Upon their return to Serbia they opened Dental Offices in Belgrade,Kljajićevo and Sombor with the intention to provide a high quality and modern approach to dentistry to their patients, and most of all patient satisfaction.

Doing their job professionally and conscientiously, NOVADENT will soon be richer for another dentist in the team, the second generation of dentists in the family of Igor Jezdimir.